1976 ~ 2011  ~ 35th.  ANNIVERSARY

894 Prospect St. Glen Rock NJ  Tel: 1201 445-1186
A Traditional Kosher Delicatessen - Kosher Catering - Smoked Fish & Appetizing - Delicatessen & Culinary Dining

Delicacies - Maucholim
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     Click for SoundKnubble - (garlic)

A breath taking vitamin

    Click for SoundNova Scotia

They must mean Nova Kosher

    Click for SoundChrane (hors radish)

A Jewish eye-opener

    Click for SoundBialy (A flat onion roll)

Eet enough and get the bialy high

   Click for SoundTsibelles (onion)

All this, and herring too

   Click for SoundKnaiydleach (matzo ball)

A penicillin supplemment

   Click for SoundGefilte Fish

Jacques Cousteau (alav a sholem) is still looking for it

   Click for SoundRetach

Radish repeat performance

   Click for SoundMein Bubbe's Tahm

Chopped herring

    Click for SoundParve

"Bi" Anything that goes with every thing

   Click for SoundSchmear

Smear an unclassified meal

    Click for SoundBatampt

delicious, tasty

    Click for SoundFligel

A Wing

    Click for SoundFleyshik

meat products

   Click for SoundForshpaytz


    Click for SoundGeshmak

delicious, tasty

    Click for SoundKatchke

(duck) A person that talks and talks and ...

    Click for SoundKugl


    Click for SoundLatkes



Chicken Fat

    Click for SoundShtikl (sliver)

Anything less then a mouthful

   Click for SoundTrayf

unkosher and it goes well with cocktail sauce