1976 ~ 2011  ~ 35th.  ANNIVERSARY

894 Prospect St. Glen Rock NJ  Tel: 1201 445-1186
A Traditional Kosher Delicatessen - Kosher Catering - Smoked Fish & Appetizing - Delicatessen & Culinary Dining

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Voden ? What else would you expect ?
Shmutz dirt
Kishkes guts, intestines
Ukh un vey Tough luck, too bad
Tokhis oyfin tish Put up or shut up
Shvayg Shut up
Sha shtil Be quiet
Yenna veld In the next world
Oy gevald ! Oh, No !
Nu ? So? Well ?
Nisht geferlech I've seen worse
Nebech Unfortunate person
Loch in kop Like a hole in the head
Ke nignehore Not tempt the evil eye
Goot gezugt Well said
Gevald Help
Gay red tsu der vant Go talk to the wall
Ek velt The boondocks
Fartik That's final !
Shmek Smell
Shvitz Steam bath
Shnapps Booze
Alivay It should only happen
Abi gezunt As long as you are healthy
Geld Money
Glitch A minor malfunction
Hameshe Kurve Home type whore
Gatkes Long underwear
Cokamammie Fake, outrageous, ridiculous
Metzyea A bargain, prize package
Pushke Charity box
Smontzess Gadgets
Bobe mayse Old wives tale
Tsatske gadget, knickknack,
a special woman
Pupik belly button
Shmekel a small penis
Bopkis something of little or no value
Chazeray garbage, junk
Dreck crap
Ut azoy Just like that
Tsedreyt in kop Disoriented
Gerativet Saved
Shoyn tsayt It's about time
Vey is mire, oy vey Agony, distress, misery, pain
Oyf tsleuchis Wouldn't you know it, unfortunately
Oy ! Expression of dismay, pain, grief.
Nisht ahir un nish aher Neither here nor there, in limbo
Nechtiger tog An impossible occurrence
Moyshe kapoyer All mixed up
Shitarayn pour it in into a bowl
Shmate Rag
Shprits spray
Lomir geyn Let me go
In mitndrinen Right in the middle of everything
Halt din zoken Hold your socks
Gornish helfn Beyond help
Genug shoyn Enough alread
Epes Something, somewhat
Emmes The truth
Gey gezunterheyt Go in good health
Azoy geyt dos That's how it goes
Ale montik un donershtik Every Monday and Thursday, every time you turn around
Gornisht Nothing
Megila Long drawn out story
Nosheray Snacks, junk food
Mish Mash Combination, mess, hodgepodge