The Supervisor

Yente A busybody, a gossip
Tsatskele A bimbo
Shlump A slob
Shmendrik A stupid person
Prosteun Unrefined
Nebish A loser
Alter kakher Old fart
Khazer Selfish person
Kvetch Complainer, whiner
Paskudnyak Horrible person
Vilde Chayea A wild animal, a savage
Tochus Leker A brown noser, ass kisser
Shvuntz With out courage, no guts
Beheyme Animal, ignorant drudge
Chiam Yankel A half-wit
Farbisener A sour person
Freser A overeater
Shtarker A thug a hoodlum
Shtinker A squealer, a stool pigeon
Shtick holtz A person with no personality
Shnorrer A begger, a moocher
Shlemiel A fumbler
Shlemazel A Unlucky person
Shiker A drunk
Schmuck Asshole
Pisher Wet behind the ears
Nudge / Nudnick A pest, a bore
Nukshleper A hanger on
Mamzer Bastard
Moyshe Pupik A jerk
Misskayt Unattractive person
Klutz A Clumsy person
Nervous Khalere A nervous wreck
Grober yung A crude youth
Gonif Thief
Zhlub A crude, unrefined person
Shainera menchen haut me gelicht in drert They've buried nicer looking people than that.
Sie haut gevain a courva in de momma' s bouch She was a whore in her mother's stomach.
The Shlemiel and Shlemazel The Shlemiel spills the soup on the Shlemazel

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